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14 June 2014 @ 10:48 am

Welcome to BANANASPLIT ! project

BANANASPLIT ! project is finally has its own community~! We've been subbing for some Johnnys videos since about 2013 and our debut project is Hot Snow movie. In case we're still so new into this project, we're just directly post them to some livejournal community. Now, finally we are now having out very own community!

BANANASPLIT ! project is a free fansubs team. We're currently focus on subbing video related from Johnnys Entertainment especially Sexy Zone and Johnnys Juniors unit such like Snow Man, Travis Japan, Sexy Boys, and the others. We're bringing our concept with simple and clean. We wish that we could do our best so you guys can enjoy.

BANANASPLIT ! project is still new so we're hoping for your support!

Membership Requests
This community is open to join. Those who are willing to check our updates, click on the "Join Community" button and you'll automatically became member!

01. Do not posting our releases on streaming sites such like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, vine, etc
02. Do not spread our download link nor it password to other people, please kindly link them to the community instead
03. Do not claim our work as yours
04. Comments would be so appreciated (we may not reply all of them but we read each of them)